Raiders Have a 50 PR Week!

Sunday, March 12 2017 - Plainfield South Girls Invite

Raider Track Newsletter

It's Conference Week and Fenton wants to beat us!  We have a meet Tuesday at Glenbard West and Friday Night at home!

Raider(s) Of The Meet - The Raider Of The Meet award will be given to the athlete(s) that through their performances, caught the attention of the Coaches.  This week, the Coaches have selected Abby Schlenker, Amara Bodine, Kendall Arlasky, Ciara Jackson, Harshini Bellamkonda, and Ania Gniatczyk  as our Raiders Of The Meet.    Congratulations!

Raider Open/Plainfield South Invitational
It really was an incredible week and the JV Open was no exception. With over 30 PR's being registered, it's easy to call this meet a success.  Just as important to me was the "team" aspect.  The girls competing in this meet cheered for and encouraged each other all night.  It really was a sight to see.  Hopefully, our Varsity Girls can learn from them.  The Plainfield South Meet is not one of my favorite meets and next year we won't be returning.  In my opinion, the times were incorrect and they did not pick the correct place winners.  It's just not fair!  I guess that's my point.  Sometimes things aren't fair. We need to get over it and move on.  With that being said, I thought we had a pretty good night on Friday. It's hard to argue with 20 PR's!  My picks for top performers had to be Abby Schlenker in the 1600, CiCi Jackson in the Shot, and Joslynn Hibbler in the Triple.  Turning in "big time" PR's were Maggie Bair in the shot, Erin Nelsen in the 400, Cameron Rogers in the hurdles, and Claire Hill with a career PR in the Long Jump.  I can't forget to mention Shayan Malik, Maiya Todd, Danae Kay, or Emma Taylor plus it's nice to have Gianna Anderson back with the team!  By the way, I really enjoyed the team cheer at the end and our birthday celebration for Julia Clingen!

Coach Crissey - This was a great week for the throwers.  To start the week, Monday and Tuesday were great days of technique.  The focus was on getting better at the smaller things, like hitting the right positions, not feeling rushed, and being explosive at the end of the throw is critical to the success of the a throw.  At the JV meet this week, Jessica Velasquez, Kaya Cloutier, Dayo Fatuga, Sarah Lawler, and Marisa Stramaglia all set new PRs.  Nice job, ladies.  Kayla Crowder, Corrine Shirley, Aram Mumani, and Taylor Pickens continue to grind and improve each week.  On Friday night at Planfield South, our four competitors performed at a very high level.  At the JV level, Maggie Bair set a new PR and took 2nd place with a mark of 30-feet while Nikki Newman continues to impress with her progress.  Nikki tossed the shot 28-08.  Grayson Breen set a PR, and out threw her mom who was a GBS track athlete, with a mark of 28-feet.  Ciara Jackson put together a strong performance that was lead off on her first attempt with a mark of 32-10.  Continue to improve.  Continue to compete!

Coach Orlow - In the 3200m relay Mikayla Jacoby (3:07.78) and Danae Kay (3:11.75) both set an indoor split PR with Justine Drake (3:10.54) and Shayan Malik (3:32.17) helping them to a place.   Ali Salt (14:08) ran a gutsy first 3200m race taking second place.   We had one PR in the open 800m with Fay Kay (3:05.19) placing high while Bianca Montenegro  (308.18) also placed.  The 800m also featured two new teammates who ran their hearts out Sydney Arlasky (3:05.21) and Desiree Griffith (3:50.79).  The coolest race of the night was the 400m where everyone set an Indoor PR. Cassidy Shirley (71.75), Kat Acabal (75.12), Grace Gibson (78.43), Shayan Malik (84.42) and Danae Kay (85.41) all got out strong for their PR’s.  The Distance Raider of the meet ran next.  Kendall Arlasky (6:42.82) ran a senior smart race for a 1600m PR.  In the 4x400 relay Kat Acabal (76.26) lead off with a PR handing off to Grace Gibson (78.18) who handed off to Fay Kay (81.57) who just missed a PR by .17 and handed off to another PR performance turned in by Bianca Montenegro (82.97)  
In their first 3200m of the season or first ever Kendall Arlasky (14:34), Fay Kay (14:38), Sophie Nelson (15:22)and Courtney Knight (13:39) all ran impressive races with Kendall posting over a minute PR.  In the 3200m relay both teams took 4th with real nice times. The JV team of Grace Gibson (3:02.0), Cassidy Shirley (3:00.18), Kat Acabal (3:06.5) and Bianca Montenegro (3:02.0) almost broke 12 with a 12:10.  They all ran smart races by putting their teammates in position to complete. On the Varsity side Ania Gniatczyk (2:38.88) started things off with a huge PR and sits with the third fastest 800m on the team. Emily Weigand (2:45.21) also hit a PR with awesome fresh Ella Mc Laren(2:52.39) and Krista Krishpanji (2:49.61) finishing strong for team points with an impressive 11:06.09. In the 800m both Danae Kay (3:08.3) and Shayan Malik (3:16.3) raced to all time best times. The Birthday Girl who won best picture for the front of a school bus award decided to get her monies worth by running two races in one. After getting out strong Julia Clingen (2:38.3) got boxed in and had to back out of it to run a tough second race. We saved the best for last with the funniest races of the night to watch. One week out for track Sydney Arlasky (6:45.5) unknowingly ran a beautiful 1600m. Mikayla Jacoby (6:44.75) just missed a PR. Then the race of the night with four athletes switching the lead throughout the race and Abby Schlenker negative split a very smart 1600m to earn Distance Athlete of the Meet.   

Coach Tacchi/Crenshaw - It's hard to complain when we posted 20 PR's at the JV Open for the sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers and another 13 at the Plainfield Invite!  Highlights included Harshini Bellamkonda jumping a career best 25-05.75 in the triple, Lamya Pulliam hit a 13-09 long jump, Amara Bodine and Sarah Nardella clearing 7-00 and 8-00 in the pole vault. Korianna Wilson, Erin Matos, My'Ana Sanders, Katyla Sims, Emma Guiot, Natina Cronin, Justine Drake, all posted PR's in the sprint events, with Indica Lucas, Shellaney Smith, Lily Taylor, and Katyla Sims teaming up to run a fast 1:35.49 in the 4 X 160!  At Plainfield South, I thought we were good early, but ran out of gas late in the evening.  I can't wait until we run a complete meet!  Ania Gniatczyk looked great in running the first leg of the 3200 M Relay, Cameron Rogers turned in a pr in the hurdles, and Joslyn Hibbler had a great night in the Triple Jump. However, as you all know, I measure much of our success by how we finish.  Until you believe in yourselves and are willing to put it all on the line, we will not achieve the level of success, I believe we have in us.  As we enter our last competitive week of the indoor season, that time is now!

Team Quote - "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." - Michael Jordan