Raiders Flip the Script!

Sunday, September 15 2019 - Peoria First to the Finish

First To The Finish - Detweiler Park, Peoria 9/14/19

Raiders Flip The Script-
Looking back to last years results, our Raiders Girls barely showed up for the meet and the weather was much cooler. Fast forward a year and the results are much different. As a Team, the Raider Girls were 33/48 teams. This year? How about 15th! Leading the way was Ellie Stewart with a - :50 sec improvement, Alex Gonzalez, - 2:54, Abby Knight, - 3:10, Alyssa Kain, - 1:33, Erin Sowl, - :08, Shayan Malik, - :32 and Naomi Friedman, - 1:00 In addition, Sarah Ledford and Ava Castaneda had big PR days! Another way we measure success is the split between the #1 and numer 5 runners. A lower number indicates running closer together in a pack! This week the Varsity Girls improved 15 seconds in our quest to get under a minute!
Parents, it's good for all of to be mindful (coaches and athletes included) that not every race will show improvement. There are many variables that impact performance. What can you help your daughters with? Some simple ones, staying hydrated, nutrition, and rest. Finding a way to help them stay mentally focused will go a long way towards individual success.
Special thanks go out to the Sowl and Stewart families for hosting our first pasta dinners and to Mrs. Salt for coordinating the efforts! We run Friday at St. Francis and Saturday we have our community service project!