Raiders Ride Roller Coaster!

Sunday, October 2 2022 - Lisle Mane Event 2021

Raiders Ride Roller Coaster!     Lisle Mane Event Invitational   October 1, 2022

We’ve been lucky lately!  The weather has provided us with perfect conditions but that can’t do anything about distractions.  Even after coaching 40+ years, I continue to be surprised by Homecoming week, and the Homecoming Dance!  I can honestly say the girls had a great week of practice and everyone worked hard.  However, as Friday came along, I noticed a difference in the girls….in other words, I could tell they were getting ready for the Homecoming Dance!  Did that lend itself to a somewhat rollercoaster performance?  Perhaps, but I’ll just chalk it up as an ”average day at the races!”  While we didn’t see the PR parade we saw last week, just about every girl posted some kind of PR – either a meet, season, or career PR!  Three of our girls earned all three – Congratulations Ava Benes, Diana Kalvelage, and Maria Aldama!  All three girls earned our Raider Of The Meet honors!  These next few weeks are crucial as we hope to peak at the right time.  Up next is Metamora, followed by Conference (at Elgin HS), and then the State series, starting at the Regional at Sterling High School.  With all of our distractions in the rear-view mirror,  I’m looking forward to some “peak” moments from our Team!  Thank goodness Prom isn’t until spring!  LOL!